Undine Wiggling

In the endless quest for flight, I have stumbled upon its antithesis, or perhaps its resting state--suspension. Objects or bodies suspended in gravity, neither reacting to nor defying its force. Bodies frozen in time are especially captivating, with the exact moment of stoppage captured exquisitely, as if they could continue moving any second. Unlike glass, which is full of motion in it molten state, rubber remains in the wiggle state forever, allowing these frozen bodies to continually reactivate.The sculptures displayed throughout the Chrysler Museum’s galleries archive a multitude of cultures, materials, and even meaning—but most of all they provide a collection of sculptures from which to discover frozen motion. I mine the Chrysler’s collection, selecting such dynamic sculptures to be replicated then digitally replaced into their environments. In this case, Undine Rising from the Fountain becomes Undine Wiggling.