Gayle Forman



 Snowglobalization Series: The Sun Never Sets in New Beijing, Greetings From Los Islamabad, and Wishing You Were Here in Tokyo De Janeiro
• 2016 • Installation Variable • Cast and hand engraved glass from 3d printed models, cement, metal, snow, postcards •

Snowglobes are perfectly frustratingly satisfying objects; they provide something mesmerizing and magical to watch yet are never truly representational of a memory or experience. These little dioramas are faux-relics from an experience; they “capture” a moment that supposedly can be recreated by a simple shake. They are the perfect platform for creating representations of cities that have never existed. In this age in which the other side of the globe is simply a click away, it seems a playground for an imaginary architect such as myself. World-famous landmarks and urban promenades can be recreated in a single print and become building blocks for empires of the future. I am consumed with daydreams of what these could be, and of places I have not yet traveled to, as every postcard or travel brochure melts together in my memories until I find myself looking for landmarks of one place in another. These new cities never stop turning, moving, buzzing, or living for as one day ends, the other begins. 

The Sun Never Sets in New Beijing Digital 3d files modeled byMJCbullTurner Construction CompanyJwoleeMphelpsmBiludavisQuasifandangoAnthonydimare 

Wishing you were here in Tokyo de Janeiro Digital 3d files modeled by: Filip MichalowskiIkal, GpvillamilMini WorldEvandronetTgameDiego Bachini Lima

Greetings from Los Islamabad  Digital 3d files modeled by: Google Geo Models, Sixense, Chase M., Raymond SNiqueKhano